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N.1/2020 Traduzione

Soggetti di traduzione

Elena Nardelli 

(Università degli studi di Trieste)

Published in June, 2020

Translation subjects

Giornale Critico 01-2020 Copertina.jpg


In this essay, I investigate the subjectivity at stake in translation. I move from the following questions: Which kind of subjectivity does the translator’s practice suggest? Which are her commitments? Which (individual or collective) task does take shape in translation? How is translation – and the understanding of translation – reframed through the lens of subjectivity? In the first part of the paper, I consider the reflexive move of translation as self-translation under three different aspects: the translator’s commitment in the task she is venturing into, the translation’s intervention on the canon, and the listening stance of the translator as diapason subject. In the second part, I take up the notion of translation as «reparation» in order to point out the «making of the subject in reparation».


Philosophy of Translation, Subjectivity, Self-Translating, Reparation, Economy of Translation

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