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N.1/2018 Studi cartesiani tra Europa e Brasile

Idea, essere obiettivo e realtà obiettiva nelle Meditazioni di Descartes

Raul Landim Filho
Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ/PPGLM/ CNPq

Published in June, 2018

Studi Cartesiani tra Europa e

Idea, objective being and objective reality in Descartes’s Meditations


My aim in this article is to answer the question: is the Cartesian Theory of Ideas a direct realist or a representationalist theory? To answer this question, I analyze the notions of idea, objective being, objective reality and essence in Descartes’s Meditations. I show that from the point of view of the apprehension of the essences of external things, Descartes is a direct realist. However since some proofs of the existence are inferential, I also show that from this standpoint the Cartesian theory is representationalist.


Direct Realism, Representationalism, Idea, Objective Being, Objective Reality, Essence.

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