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Isabella Adinolfi e Laura Candiotto (a cura di), Filosofia delle emozioni

Enrico Cerasi
Università “Vita-Salute” San Raffaele, Milano

Published in June, 2019

Isabella Adinolfi and Laura Candiotto (eds.), Philosophy of Emotions


This article discusses an interesting volume edited by Isabella Adinolfi and Laura Candiotto (Filosofia delle emozioni, 2019). According to the authors, emotions and philosophy are inseparable. In particular according to Marco For- tunato’s point of view, indignation is possible and necessary because it is based on the vocation of the man for the criticism of the existence. Like Bartleby, man is an animal which “would prefer not to”. Nevertheless, it would be better if we knew the reason of our opposition.


Emotions, virtue epistemology, indignation, criticism, anthropology.

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