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N.1/2020 Traduzione

Giuseppe Rensi: un j’accuse contro il reale

Marco Fortunato  

(Università di Milano)


Published in June, 2020

Giuseppe Rensi: a j’accuse against the real

Giornale Critico 01-2020 Copertina.jpg


Giuseppe Rensi’s philosophical works can be considered as a reprimand and a revolt against reality, against which they level three-four chief accusations. Firstly, the world is accused of being the violent place where conflicts between individuals or parties continuously deflagrate. Initially, the opponents try to come to a decision through rational discussion, but the attempt is vain because reason provides equally valid arguments to all them. About all the really important subjects, men cannot know what the truth is; indeed, they can’t even know if, among the existing opinions, there is one true. Reality lies in a condition of whole irrationality, deserted by truth. Therefore, the opponents resort to force and only by virtue of an act of strength one of them is able to prevail. A second disvalue factor of reality consists in the fact that events happen by chance. No rational plan gives order and predictability to events; all the more reason, no providential plan guides them towards the realization of good. Thirdly, reality often offers the spectacle of the prosperity and victory of the vile, of the worst ones; and this happens because its “ontological heart” is bad. Lastly, our reality is totally subject to the law of time, whose passing makes what we did in the past look wrong or ridiculous and, above all, condemns everybody and everything to a complete oblivion.


Rensi, Revolt, Irrationality, Violence, Time.

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