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N.1/2021 Gaudeamus Igitur!

«La rivelazione non è un concetto scientififico». Note sul carteggio tra Adolf von Harnack e Karl Barth

Enrico Cerasi

Published in June, 2021

«Revelation is not a scientific concept». Some remarks on the correspond- ence between Adolf von Harnack and Karl Barth



In the 1923 debate between Barth and Harnack on dialectical theology, the 1524-1525 dispute between Erasmus and Luther over God’s predestining grace and human free will seems to be repeated in a different context. But on closer inspection, the question between Barth and Harnack concerns university theology, i.e. under what conditions it can be an academic discipline.


Karl Barth, Adolf von Harnack, University, Wissenschaft, history



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