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N.1/2021 Gaudeamus Igitur!

Thomas Wright di Durham: armonie dell’universo e nuove cosmologie tra Kant ed Herder

Francesca Crasta
Published in June, 2021

Thomas Wright di Durham: Harmonies of the universe and new cosmolo- gies between Kant and Herder



The essay highlights how, starting from the theses of Thomas Wright of Durham (1711-1786), expressed in his Original Theory or the New Hypothesis of the Universe (1750), a wide framework involving authors such as Kant, Herder, Herschel and Lambert is opened. In this context, new theories of the sky emerge, which try to give solutions in an original way to problems such as those of the apparent chaos in the universe, nebulae, the force that underlies the entire system of nature.


Enlightenment, Kant, Herder, Cosmology, Philosophy of Nature



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