N.1/2021 Gaudeamus Igitur!

Spinoza e la scolastica spagnola nell’analisi di Piero Di Vona

Ludovica Filieri
Published in June, 2021

Spinoza and Spanish Scholasticism in the analysis of Piero Di Vona



The aim of this paper is to present some of the fundamental lines of research of the Italian philosopher Piero Di Vona on Spinozian philosophy. By reviewing some of the volumes of Di Vona’s philosophical production, we will show how, according to his interpretation, the genesis of Spinozian ontology is to be sought starting from the influence that the Spanish Scholasticism of the Counter-Reformation had on Spinoza’s thought.In fact, starting from Di Vona’s reappraisal of the studies on the ontology of the neo-Latin American colonies of the 1600s, we will show how some fundamental metaphysical concepts of that period, such as the analogy of proportionality of res, the meaning of necessity in relation to contingency and determinism are equally found in Spinoza’s metaphysics. Finally, we will mention Di Von’’s studies on the reconstruction of the philosophical and philological authenticity of Spinoza’s works, and his esoteric interpretation of Spinozian philosophy.


Piero Di Vona, Spinoza, Ontology, Counter-Reformation, Spanish Scholastica