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L’uomo e lo Stato di J. Maritain come risposta alla crisi del rapporto tra etica e politica nel pensiero moderno:
sovranità e diritti umani. Una proposta di V. Possenti

Alessandro Ramaioli
Published in June, 2021

Man and the State by J. Maritain as a response to the crisis of the relation- ship between ethics and politics: sovereignty and human rights. A proposal by V. Possenti



L’azione umana. Morale e politica e Stato in Jacques Maritain by V. Possenti is an interesting introduction to the moral and political philosophy of J. Maritain. In the second part of this essay, Possenti focuses on the main political ideas of Man and the State (1951) by Maritain, the most important political work by the French philosopher.
In this paper I would like to expose the concepts of sovereignty and human rights, probably the best way to understand the primary idea of Maritain’s politics: the necessity to reconnect ethics and politics against the Machiavellianism.


political philosophy, relationship between ethics and politics, Machi- avellianism, sovereignty, human rights