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N.1/2021 Gaudeamus Igitur!

La ricezione di Balthasar in Italia

Pierangelo Sequeri
Published in June, 2021

The reception of Balthasar in Italy



H. U. von Balthasar certainly was one of the most important theologian of the XX century, but his own theology in Italy is not spreadly known yet. P. Sequeri has been studyng Balthasar’s thought for over fifty years and now in this paper he in going to explain us it. What does theological aesthetics mean? Why does it rapresent the heart of the matter of Balthasar’s works? P. Sequeri will try to answer these questions. And finally, he wonder: what’s the relationship between philosophy and theology nowadays?


Systematic Theology, Theological aesthetics, H. U. von Balthasar, Philosophy, Theoantropology



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