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N.1/2022 Libertinismo: Filosofia e Scrittura

Alcune considerazioni sulla scrittura filosofica adorniana

Gianpaolo Cherchi

Published in June, 2022

On Adorno’s philosophical writing: some observation.

Copertina GCSI 01-2022.png


Adorno’s philosophical writing is closely linked to his philosophical
thought, in so far the difficulty of his works is determined by the complexity of
his theory. In Adorno’s view, the idea of the non-identity can be set in motion
and displayed in the philosophical text only by “parataxis”, a form of writing
that can reflect the dualistic and dialectical nature of reality. The implementation
of this logic of disintegration in the sphere of writing points out the very central
role of rhetoric and, possibly, dialect as ways of philosophical expression.


Adorno, Writing, Dialectics, Language, Dialect.



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