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N.1/2022 Libertinismo: Filosofia e Scrittura

Una «filosofia del mare».
Riflessioni intorno a “marino” e “terrestre”

Riccardo Valenti

Published in June, 2022

Introduction to a Philosophy of the Sea. Some considerations on “marine”
and “terrestrial” features.

Copertina GCSI 01-2022.png


This short contribution aims to showcase some of the most salient
features of Roberto Casati’s latest work. Oceano, which aspires to stand as the
manifesto of a genuine ‘philosophy of the sea’, seems, in the end, to be unable to
entirely prescind from the terrestrial element, from our so-called ‘land-making’
behaviour, which most intimately defines us, according to a given philosophical

tradition. So, the result of this investigation cannot be said to be entirely satisfactory since the anthropology that sustains Casati’s conceptual apparatus still

posits man as adverse to the nature that sustains him. It is therefore hard to see
how the latter can peacefully inhabit the sea and do it justice while paying it all
due honours.


Sea, Earth, Navigation, Transformation, Abuse.



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