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Maturazione di un atteggiamento critico e cooperativo: il dilemma della libertà sociale

Guido Seddone

Università degli studi di Parma 

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Published in December, 2017

Maturation of a Critical and Cooperative Individual Disposition: the Dilemma of Social Freedom


This contribution accounts for the intersubjective freedom, i.e. the condition to be free within a cooperative context characterized by the social ascription of commitments, duties, entitlements and competencies. The main question is about the possibility as a member of a cooperative organization to be a free agency despite being subordinate to shared goals and social ascription of duties. Since the preservation of a social organism is possible through the personal engagement of its members, the cooperative duties of the individual member can be in contrast with more general moral duties. At this point, the article refers to Kant’s conception of pedagogy and introduces the notion of autonomous and cooperative mode of the person by which the agency can mature an aware and critical social engagement and avoid to become a mere instrument for the attainment of social targets.


Cooperation, Intersubjective freedom, Obedience, Autonomy, Moral evaluation, Free agency

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