N.2/2018 Dell'Uomo e dei Diritti

Nel passo della massima distanza tra Derrida e Levinas

Carmelo Meazza
Università di Sassari

Published in December, 2018

In the step of the maximum distance between Derrida and Levinas


Derrida has repeatedly recalled his admiration and his intense proximity to the Levinas’s philosophy. We would not be able, however, to understand this closeness, that sometimes reaches the limit of a powerful mimicry, if we do not know how to place ourselves in the points of their maximum distance. The paper investigates some of the theoretical places where their philosophies remain further and farther. Above all things, it is a matter of understanding the notion of immemorial call, of aporetic tension and decision, the complicated question of relationship between face and thauma.


Derrida, Levinas, immemorial call, thauma, messianic

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