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N.2/2020 Filosofia e storia: una relazione ancora possibile?

Nascita: una promessa insostenibile Note sui concetti di temporalità ed eredità a partire dalla nozione fenomenologica della nascita

Aldo Bisceglia

(Università degli Studi di Messina/Institut Catholique de Toulouse)

Published in December, 2020

Birth: an untenable promise. Notes on the concepts of temporality and heritage from the phenomenological notion of nativity.



The attempted aim of this contribution is to rethink the meaning of history, of the three temporal ecstasies, and not least the theme of heritage from the phenomenological notion of birth.
The starting point of our work is the difference, proposed by M. Vergani, between two notions of birth: birth as coming to life and birth as coming into existence. We will try to show how the time of life is the anonymous linear time of repetition, always indebted to the past and where the future is already mortgaged. While the time of existence is the free time of promise, yet always shared and ethical, in which the past is not an unquenchable debt but an appeal for justice that asks to be heard. Fundamental have been, on the one hand, the comparison with the commentary that J. Derrida devotes to the Platonic myth of the Demiurge, on the other hand, the comparison with the II thesis on the concept of history by W. Benjamin.


Temporality; Phenomenology; Derrida; Mario Vergani; Benjamin.


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