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N.2/2021 Filosofia e generi letterari nel XVIII secolo

El Pensamiento Italiano y sus «usos» en Argentina

Constanza Serratore

Published in December, 2021

Italian Thought and its “uses” in Argentina.

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In this article I will try to show the “readings” and “uses” of Italian Thought in Argentina. In this way, accompanied by the corresponding historical references, I will seek to reposition and contextualise the “readings” and “uses” of three specific moments of Italian Thought: the “use” of Machiavelli’s thought in the 19th and 20th centuries; the “use” of Gramsci’s thought in the mid-20th century by the national left; the “readings” of the most prominent contemporary authors: Agamben, Negri and Esposito.
Beyond the compilation of “uses” and “readings”, my intention in this text is to show the influence of Italian thought on the evolution of Argentine thought. Its relationship with life, indeed, with the impure and contaminated life, the reflection directed to the present, to the act, turn out to be the central elements that lead me to think that it is very likely that this “other” that has infected us is Italian Thought.


Italian Thought, Thoughts in Argentina, Machiavelli, Gramsci, Agamben, Negri, Esposito.



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