N.1/2017 Figure della Maturità

La maturità come stile

Andrea Tagliapietra

Università Vita e Salute – san Raffaele, Milano

Published in June, 2017

Maturity as a style


This essay traces the story of the idea of maturity as biographical, artistic, and pedagogical style, conceiving it as a capacity to take care of the other that, in turn, is condition for the care of the self. This idea entails a conception of time as that constitutive and natural condition of our own being that can only be apprehended through the experience of pain, the true measure of our limit as human beings.


Style, proportion, time, pain, experience.

G.C.S.I. - Giornale Critico di Storia delle Idee
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Direzione Editoriale:
Andrea Tagliapietra e Sebastiano Ghisu

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Giovanni Campus

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