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N.2/2019 Pratiche di immanenza

Normance di Céline: imminenza e vortice

Tommaso Tuppini

(Università di Verona)

Published in December, 2019

Céline’s Normance: Imminence and Vortex

copertina GCSI ritagliata 2_2019.jpg


Céline is the chronicler of the XX century. Due to this, the practice of immanence developed in his pages always resemble a war, a disaster, a catastrophe. Nonetheless, we don’t have to wait that it occurs somewhere at the close of his endless periods or on the last page of one of his books: the crisis is in every single character, landscape, bomb, surface, in every word and in every mark. “Disaster” is how and where things go since when the world was created. Céline’s immanence doesn’t negotiate with this original truth: it doesn’t deny it, it doesn’t just let it float; on the other hand, it creates and inhabits the new force produced by the clash of no and yes to life: a new order, a native territory – it becomes vortex of immanence.


Céline, immanenza, imminenza, vortice, scrittura.

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